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In a busy nightclub Katrina, one of London’s most popular dancers, is performing on stage to an enraptured audience. As she does so she is trailed by a mysterious dark figure; but who is he… and what does he want from her?


Producers’ statement

The idea for Flame was developed over several months. As lifelong film fans and experienced producers for fashion photography we had wanted to expand into film production but had been waiting for the right time to take the first step. Being co-owners of a modelling agency gave us access to a wide variety of performers and when we saw Katrina perform on stage at The Box Soho we knew that she’d be perfect as a lead female in a short film. It was then that we discovered the Rivoli Ballroom, a stunning 1950’s ballroom. We pulled together a crew of talented freelancers personally recommended by Paul Groom at the SAE Institute London and set about producing a film. We developed the idea of a romantic fashion film with a twist and Flame is the end result.The film was completely self-funded with a small loan and was shot over two long and stressful days.

Despite working with such a low budget we managed to create something that was still visually stunning to look at with very high production values. Katrina developed a dance specifically for the film and we even managed to get an original score by Swedish musicians House of Trees.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all the crew working on the film who helped to make our idea come to life; without everyone’s hard work this project would have remained a dream but here we are with a finished film that we are all truly proud of.

Neely Reyes and Iain Warren

May 2014

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