Meet the Cast

Katrina Lillwall

Katrina is an accomplished Australian performer and model now living in London.  As a performer she travels around the world dancing at  venues and events such as The Box in London and New York, the Cannes Film Festival and the Monoco Grand Prix.  As a model she has worked for a wide variety of brands.

Flame is Katrina’s film debut and she choreographed a fire performance especially for the film.

Jonnie Nash

Jonnie Nash is am actor, model and writer by trade.

He has worked as a supporting artiste on several TV programmes and films including Mr Selfridge, The Muppets and Don’t Call the Midwife.  Flame marks his first lead role in a short film.  His poetry and short fiction has been published in several writing journals and as a model he’s worked with a number menswear designers throughout the UK.

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