The soundrack for Flame has been composed exclusively by Anglo-Swedish composers Rob and Djamila

Rob and Djamila live together hidden away deep in the Swedish forest, they have been working together as a composing partnership since they met at the Liverpool Institute for performing arts in 2002. They have worked together on a number of composing projects, perhaps most noticeably the group ‘House Of Trees’ which began in 2009 and with which they have 4 albums and have travelled extensively with. As well as composing and performing the partnership have Started and run a 3 day multi arts festival in the swedish woods, a culture school for young musicians, actors and artists and a touring performance project within the health care sector. Composing for film is a relatively new avenue for the partnership but since 2012 Rob and Djamila have composed the soundtracks to a number of swedish adverts as well as 2 short films from the UK.